Facebook & Instagram Advertising

We recommend that our clients understand their customer first and identify the amount of resource they have available before picking their social platforms. When we deal with start ups often we only pick 1 platform to focus on.

A focused approach can be fair more effective instead of doing everything. If you have the resources and you are seeing some sort of return great!

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We help our clients understand their organic strategies for Social media, content creation and further paid advertising through these channels to generate more leads, sales and revenue.

In recent years we have seen some fantastic results with Facebook advertising for example. Facebook is often misunderstood by our clients who think boosting a post is getting them return on investment. Yes they may get a couple of enquiries after a boosted post but can you measure if they actually came from this action? How much did it cost you?

We encourage users to have their own business manager account and combine their advertising spend with unique landing pages giving value first in exchange of clients details or email address. Done effectively you will know what is working and what is not with a real number associated to the cost.

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